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About Us

Welcome to the Performance Store – your first port of call for high-quality sports nutrition and supplements in Europe! 

Our story is simple but full of dedication. We are a team of ambitious trainers and athletes who have always looked for the best products for their passion. Frustrated by the limited selection on the European market and the belief that a product is more than just marketing and label, we decided to import our supplements from the USA and England. These countries offered the quality and effectiveness we were looking for. 

However, the process was not without challenges. We had to pay high import costs, customs duties and taxes to get the sought-after products. It became clear to us that many athletes were in the same situation as we were - looking for first-class products without the financial expense and hurdles of importing. 

The idea of ​​the performance store was born. Our goal: to bring a wide range of top products directly to you, without the additional costs often associated with importing. Today we are proud to offer the largest and best range of sports nutrition and supplements across Europe. 

What sets us apart is our passion for quality. As experienced athletes, we understand that every product is more than just packaging. We place the highest value on the ingredients, their dosage and, most importantly, how they work synergistically to give you the best results. 

Before a product finds its way into our shop, it is carefully checked to ensure that it meets our strict requirements. At Performance Store we stand for quality and at the best price. 

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to experience the best products for your sporting ambitions without the hurdles of import. Welcome to the Performance Store – your partner on the way to peak performance!